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We Love Westminster Towers – Amber Barrett, Accounting Assistant

We Love Westminster Towers:
Amber Barrett

Every Day is Different

Amber Barrett has been working at Westminster Towers for four years this May, and she currently works in Accounting. Amber’s favorite part of working at the Towers is the residents, whom she has been extremely inspired by lately. Even before COVID safety procedures started being lifted, the residents kept their spirits high.

“I know it was so hard to be isolated, but I think they all did exceptionally well. We have a resilient bunch!”

Amber’s favorite part of her job is the day-to-day variety it provides. Because the Towers are so full of life and activity, every day is always different. She sees this as a huge benefit to the job.

“There is always something new and exciting happening!”

Trips to Disney World

Amber grew up as part of a pretty big family in Newark, California, a small town south of San Francisco. She now has a cat and puppy whom she loves as if they were her children.

Amber’s favorite thing to do with her family is go on vacation, especially Disney World. She’s looking forward to being able to visit again soon, as they haven’t been in over a year now. Amber also loves getting together with family around Christmas.

“Every Christmas Eve, everyone would go to my Aunt JoJo’s house and have a huge pass around/gift exchange.”

An Ever-Changing Taste in Music

Amber’s morning routine usually consists of her playing her favorite game: “How many times can I hit snooze before I’m late for work?” She seems to be pretty good at it! Amber told us her music taste changes often, but lately she’s been into 70’s rock such as the Eagles, Electric Light Orchestra, Pink Floyd, and Fleetwood Mac.

She mentioned her pets earlier, but she wanted to bring them up again because she just loves them that much! Her cat is a Siamese-mix named Walter and her puppy is a German Shepherd named Zeus.

“My babies, the lights of my life!!”

Our staff is carefully chosen based on how they reflect our values. We Love Westminster Towers is an ongoing series of staff profiles, showcasing the wonderful people who make our organization exceptional. We are thrilled to have Amber as part of our dedicated, and caring staff at Westminster Towers!