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We Love Westminster Towers: Eladio Wilkinson-Baez, Resident Care Coordinator

We Love Westminster Towers:
Eladio Wilkinson-Baez

Inspired by People

Eladio Wilkinson-Baez has been working at Westminster Towers since January 2020. He is the Resident Care Coordinator and is responsible for providing support services for residents and families through the continuum of care, and he seeks solutions to the challenges associated with aging. Eladio’s favorite part of working at the Towers is the people.

“We have great residents who are happy to be here and great staff that love working here.”

Lately, the residents have inspired Eladio to read more. He sees reading and audio books as a source of entertainment and inspiration to the residents, so he is trying to read more regularly. Eladio’s favorite part of his job is being able to work with the residents every day.

“I really enjoy being able to help them and being someone they can turn to when they need help.”

Cookouts with the Family

Eladio was born in Uruguay, but his family moved to Hilton Head Island, SC when he was four years old. He grew up there, going to elementary, middle, and high school in Hilton Head. Eladio moved to Rock Hill to attend Winthrop University.

Eladio’s family (which is about 20 people) gathers for birthdays and holidays to have huge cookouts. This is his favorite family activity and tradition. There is always lots of good food, so it’s a fantastic time.

A Mountain Lover

In his free time, Eladio likes to play sports. His favorites are golf, basketball, and soccer. He told us the name of his autobiography would be “It’s Pronounced Eh-la-dee-oh (Eladio)”, since it’s something he has to tell most people he meets. A somewhat hidden talent of Eladio’s is his ability to speak fluent Spanish.

“Being from South America, my native tongue is Spanish.”

Eladio’s dream vacation is a trip to the Swiss Alps. He loves being in the mountains, so he dreams of hiking the Alps. While Eladio doesn’t currently have any pets, he would like to get a dog at some point, since he considers himself more of a dog person than a cat person.

Eladio’s Favorite Advice

“Don’t dwell on or get upset over things that are out of your control.”

Our staff is carefully chosen based on how they reflect our values. We Love Westminster Towers is an ongoing series of staff profiles, showcasing the wonderful people who make our organization exceptional. We are thrilled to have Eladio as part of our dedicated, and caring staff at Westminster Towers!