Why are people so reluctant to move into a retirement community? What are they afraid of?  Giving up their independence?  Relying on other people?  There are a numerous reasons to put off moving or refuse to do it altogether.  None of which hold much hold much weight.I have been in the senior living industry for over 11 years.   I’ve walked my grandmother through the journey of trying to convince her life that life would be more enriched living in a community.   Unfortunately, she waited too long.  Instead of “getting” to move she “had” to move….. to assisted living!  My dad & step mom promised they would not put me through the ordeal of enabling them to stay home so they made the wise decision to move to a CCRC when they were able to enjoy the benefits!  What a gift to their children!

I sincerely believe life is better in a community of friends where you have meals, housekeeping, transportation, fitness programs & life enrichment available.  And, heaven forbid, health services!

Do your family & friends a favor.   Make the move when it’s your decision.  I know I will.

By Allison Matthews