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We Love Westminster Towers – Jennifer Luke, Activity Bus Driver

We Love Westminster Towers:
Jennifer Luke

Making The Switch

Jennifer Luke joined the Westminster Towers team in February 2020, as an Activity Bus Driver. This job involves taking residents to doctor and salon appointments, lunch, dinner, moving, shopping, and anything to safely entertain them. However, her job description quickly changed in March 2020 when COVID-19 became a factor. So Jennifer transitioned seamlessly to her new role: personal shopper for Westminster Towers residents.

She enjoys shopping for residents, but buying cards is the most difficult part of her new job:


“Buying event cards for unknown people and trying to feel the residents’ inner feelings was very scary the first time I did it. I am quite comfortable doing it at the present.”

Jennifer says her favorite perk from working at Westminster Towers is spending time with the residents.

“[They] make coming to work every day a blessing. The care and concern for my well-being is overwhelming at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Heading South

Jennifer grew up in Cloquet, Minnesota, located 30 miles from the shore of Lake Superior. Her family moved to North Carolina when she was 15. “The south was quite a cultural shock.” But now she says she wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Jennifer has three children: Spencer (35), Taylor (33), and Kamilah (31). She also has a granddog named Ophelia, who she says is adorable and lots of fun. She lives with her parents, who live in Minnesota during the summer. She told us they were in Arizona last winter until COVID hit and have been going stir crazy spending this winter at home.

Her family is planning to change the winter location this year. Jennifer hopes a beach is in the picture.

A Passion To Explore

Jennifer is an adventurous person who loves to explore and try new things, and loves to laugh more than anything. The latest adventure she embarked on was learning how to knit this past fall. She told us she had “the help of quite a few accomplished knitters.”

Jennifer and her partner Wayne are currently watching Switched at Birth. Wayne grew up in a deaf home, so this show has helped Jennifer understand what it must have been like to grow up as a child of deaf parents. On top of that, Jennifer says: “The show is very well written with wonderful actors. I am thoroughly enjoying it.”

Jennifer attended Winthrop University as an education major. She even spent time studying Spanish at the Universidad de Salamanca. “I would love to go back and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle, food, and music. After college, Jennifer owned a restaurant for 20 years. She told us those were “the longest, hardest 20 years of my life. Not kidding.”

Before working at Westminster Towers, Jennifer was a tour bus driver. She told us, “My gypsy soul was in adventure heaven with every trip and group I had the pleasure of entertaining.” She started at Westminster to be closer to home and a more regular schedule. She says it was an adjustment not working 100 hours a week, but with time she has been able to adjust.

Jennifer’s Favorite Advice:

“Just because it is not being done your way, that does not make it wrong.”

Our staff is carefully chosen based on how they reflect our values. We Love Westminster Towers is an ongoing series of staff profiles, showcasing the wonderful people who make our organization exceptional. We are thrilled to have Jennifer as part of our dedicated, and caring staff at Westminster Towers!