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We Love Westminster Towers – Ryan Troutman, Life Enrichment

We Love Westminster Towers:
Ryan Troutman

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About 15 years ago, Ryan Troutman worked in the Westminster Towers marketing department. After a few years, he went to pursue other career paths elsewhere. However, after over a decade away, he came back to the Towers and has been back on the team for two years.

“I missed the residents and the Towers so much. I never found a job that I enjoyed as much as working at the Towers.”

Ryan works with Life Enrichment currently. He’s spent time in the Manor and Independent Living, but he is now in the Health Center, where he is very happy and hopes to remain for a while. Like many of our staff, his job has gone through changes due to COVID-19, but the changes in Ryan’s job allowed him to help the residents in a more direct way.

“During COVID restrictions, I feel my biggest role is allowing family members to connect to our residents. In a ‘normal’ year, I am planning activities and keeping the residents busy and occupied to enhance their lives.”

Ryan’s favorite part of working at Westminster Towers is the residents. He loves making them smile and laugh and hearing their stories of the past. He says every resident is unique and special, so hearing their stories is fun.

Fight, Tigers!

Ryan Troutman grew up in Rock Hill. He actually remembers the construction of Westminster Towers, because his family used to live in Shadowbrook, which is located right behind the Towers.

“I can remember playing on the construction site dirt before we ended up moving.”

Ryan’s family’s longest-running tradition is attending Clemson football games, something they’ve been doing since he was three years old. His family recently moved from Rock Hill to Clemson, which makes it much easier for the whole family to cheer on the Tigers.

Not a Morning Person

Ryan has a passion for music, TV, and travel. He’s even been to 47 out of 50 states! Ryan’s dream vacation would be taking an Alaskan cruise, as it would take him to one of the three states he has yet to visit. He told us that he wants to make it to all 50 in the next stage of his life.

As far as music, Ryan is a lover of almost everything, but Steve Earle and Jimmy Buffett are his all-time favorites. He has a quick ear and enjoys playing “Name That Tune,” where he tries to guess the artist and song whenever a tune comes on the radio.

Ryan also loves TV, with the Andy Griffith Show being one of his favorites. He told us he can usually tell which episode he’s watching within the first minute of the show. Ryan loves talking to the Westminster Towers residents about the Andy Griffith Show, as it’s an interest he and many residents have in common.

Before work each morning, Ryan likes to sleep as late as he can before taking a shower and rushing to get to work on time. Luckily, he only lives about 5 minutes away from the Towers. “I am definitely not a morning person by nature.”

When Ryan’s off the clock, he enjoys watching sports and spending time with his puppy, Clara, who he loves dearly. Ryan told us Clara loved visiting the residents before COVID-19 started.

Ryan’s Favorite Advice:

“Try to live in the present. The past can’t be changed, and the future is unpredictable, so make sure you enjoy each day!”

Our staff is carefully chosen based on how they reflect our values. We Love Westminster Towers is an ongoing series of staff profiles, showcasing the wonderful people who make our organization exceptional. We are thrilled to have Ryan as part of our dedicated, and caring staff at Westminster Towers!