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Common Senior Living Fears

Through the many chapters in our lives, we confront various fears and deal with many worries. You would think when you hit your senior years that they would lessen, but that is not typically the case, especially if you are considering senior living options. Many seniors have grown comfortable in their home that they’ve lived in for many, many years and created wonderful memories in. Why leave that behind? You know the common saying, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” Well, what if it’s not broken, but it no longer serves its original purpose?

For example, you live in your home of 40 years that you and your spouse built to raise your 4 children – 2 story, lots of stairs and a big yard. That worked then when you needed the space for little ones running around, but now it has become burdensome to clean and unsafe to walk up a flight of stairs since your last fall. You’re at a crossroads to consider your next chapter in life: senior living options, but with that comes fears of new experiences.


Common Fears


  • I am losing my independence. The truth is you’re not losing your independence, but gaining your freedom. You’ll no longer be tied down to the burdens of maintaining a home. You’ll be free to enjoy other activities and learn new hobbies you never had the opportunity to pursue.
  • Senior Living is expensive. I don’t want to run out of money. This is certainly a valid concern. If you were to sit down and do a comparison of the costs of living at your home and living at a retirement community, you will find it’s no more expensive. You can actually consolidate a lot of your bills! At Westminster Towers, like most senior living communities, a financial application is part of the approval process. This in turn gives you peace of mind to know you can live comfortably in a retirement community for the rest of your life.
  • My health will decline. Your health may actually improve. There are a lot of resources like physical and occupational therapy available to help “tweak” your balance and strength, to name a few. Plus, retirement communities, like Westminster Towers have a large wellness program to keep you active and moving. Classes offered are: Balance in Motion, Cardio Fitness, Circuit Training, Healthy Muscles & Strong Bones, Muscle Stretch, Pool Aerobics, Tai Chi and Zumba Gold®. There are residents who have lived at Westminster Towers for 20+ years. They have a lot of life to live!
  • I won’t be able to sell my home. Plus, I have too much stuff. There are so many options to help with both of these concerns! There is a shortage of homes these days and a high demand so they are being sold much quicker. There are so many realtors available to help, and some specialize in senior moves. As far as all of your stuff, there are senior living move experts that specialize in downsizing and real estate sales. They can get rid of everything… down to the last roll of toilet paper!

What’s the whole point? Don’t let these fears consume you to the point you do absolutely nothing. It doesn’t hurt to pick up the phone or turn on your computer to research your options. What do you have to lose? Westminster Towers is waiting on your call!