Your Health and Wellness is Our Focus

The priority of the Westminster Towers Health and Wellness Program is to enhance the physical, psychological, and spiritual quality of life for each resident.


We see you as a person

Our staff and wellness team believe that each person is more than what they “do,” they are also the unique components of a healthy lifestyle that promote mental engagement, stimulating physical activities and the importance of nourishment for the soul.

We see these core components in the lives of each resident. They are invaluable, and we strive to offer purposeful fitness and life enrichment programs that address the needs of each individual. Recognizing and respecting the unique needs of each resident’s health, overall quality of life, while encouraging the successful aging process across our entire continuum of care.


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The Seven Dimensions of Wellness

The Westminster Towers Wellness Philosophy is integrated into the daily fabric of all our lifestyle choices with focus on the unique design of each individual.


We define this dimension as the awareness and understanding of one’s own thoughts and feelings as well as those of others. Emotionally healthy people recognize their worth, seek out opportunities to develop positive relationships, and have an optimistic attitude towards life.


We believe that we have a healthy life when we live and serve in a meaningful community. The willingness to develop, maintain and appreciate relationships is foundational to this social dimension. Socially active people show concern for others, value friendships, respect diversity, and contribute to the overall well-being of the community in which they live.


We view this as the world around us – both inside and outside, the very creation of and participation in a safe and inviting surrounding. Environmentally well people seek interdependence and harmony through an active partnership with their environment while making meaningful contributions to the world around them.


As a spiritual being, the importance of the soul as a component of our personality and design is integral to our overall health. The personal commitment one has to God and/or the discovery of meaning and purpose in life. Spiritually well people live out their core values and have an appreciation for that which cannot be explained. They strive for inner peace, security, understanding and are able to respect individual differences.


We strive to stimulate and encourage each resident’s mental engagement. We realize this goal through continuous learning opportunities and new activities. Intellectually well people actively participate in stimulating functions and use a variety of resources to expand their knowledge and skills, benefiting themselves and serving the community of Westminster Towers.


How we creatively express and serve others is the cornerstone to our belief in the vocational dimension. We see this as the application of personal gifts, skills, interests, talents, and our experiential knowledge for the good of others, the organizations we connect with, and the overall community we serve. Vocationally well people actively seek to learn new skills and serve others well.


Our physical bodies are essential in order to thrive in each of the seven dimensions. The demonstration of respect for one’s health and body is important in the continued care and safety of all residents. Physically healthy people make a commitment to maintain an active, fulfilling lifestyle by minimizing negative risky behavior, receiving adequate rest and nutrition, and participating in appropriate physical activity.

Our Activities

We offer a wide variety of exercise classes designed to keep you healthy, active and feeling good!

Balance & Core

Full Body Stretch

Pool Aerobics, Water Walking & Stretch


Westminster Towers offers a wide variety of exercise classes designed to keep you healthy and active.

The Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is equipped with state-of-the art exercise machines to meet the demands of the most avid fitness enthusiast. The center is equipped with senior-friendly resistance machines, treadmills, recumbent steppers, exercise bikes and a variety of free weights.

In addition, an indoor heated pool is available for all residents to enjoy. The pool offers unique additional activities like water aerobics, aquatics classes, or simply enjoy water walking at your own pace. The pool is also available to just relax and enjoy a refreshing dip with friends or guests.