1330 India Hook Road
Rock Hill, South Carolina
(803) 328-5000


August 25, 2021


Dear Westminster Towers Independent Living Residents,


Greetings to each of you. I hope this note finds you well and enjoying each day here at the Towers. Thank you for making the Towers such a wonderful place to live and for those of us to work each day. You enhance one another’s lives and are an inspiration to the staff.

I met Tuesday with the Resident Association Officers Executive Committee to review with them the status of COVD-19 Pandemic in York County and in the USA. As we all know the Pandemic has returned at levels we would have never imagined. In our opinion, we view it as prudent to take steps to protect one another from the COVID-19 virus and are hopeful this will not be long term. The following measures will become effective immediately and are done reluctantly but with confidence because our goals have always been resident protection. We will review these steps every two weeks and adjust as needed to promote the safety of our residents.

  • All residents, guests, and staff will wear masks at all times when outside one’s apartment unless in the dining room or exercise classes. This includes fully covering the nose and mouth. This includes vaccinated and unvaccinated persons.
  • No guests will be welcomed into the Front Lobby without a Mask. If they do not have one, they can purchase one for $1.00.
  • No more than two guests at a time visiting a resident. No guests can visit in any lobby area, only in the apartment. Guests will be required to sign in at the lobby. Please let your family and guests know of this requirement.
  • We will be having more programs with social distancing. Informal activities such as table and card games can continue but urge participants to be vaccinated, wear masks properly, and wash hands frequently.
  • If guests do not follow our policy consistently, we will consider more security to our doors and restrict access to the building.
  • If you have a COVID exposure or test positive, please report it immediately to Eladio Wilkinson at 328-5077.
  • You can get COVID tested on campus on Monday or Thursday by signing up in the Lobby next to the Dining Room sign-up sheet.
  • I have been asked by a number of residents about COVID booster shots. I am researching to see if we can offer a clinic here in October from a pharmacy like we did before. I will keep everyone updated along the way. The same for annual flu vaccination.

I appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience over these many months. We all live individual lives, but we also live in community with one another. We will work together to live life together fully and completely but safely with one another. It is a journey and we will continue to evaluate and do the very best we can each step of the way. Thank you for supporting one another.

  • Please note the above complies with the terms of your Residency Agreement Sponsor’s Cancellation and Termination Right, where it states, “Failure of Resident to comply with Sponsor’s now or hereafter existing policies, rules or regulations, or Resident’s covenants contained herein or creation by Resident of disturbance within Westminster detrimental to the health, safety or peaceful lodging of other Residents as determined by Sponsor.”

James R. Thomason