Jim Thomason


Jim serves as the Chief Executive Officer/President of the Towers. He grew up in Jackson, Tennessee. He has been a licensed long-term care administrator since 1983 and is dually licensed in South Carolina for Nursing Home and Community Resident Care. In addition, he is nationally qualified as a Health Services Executive (HSE) through the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards in Washington, DC., and is a Registered Housing Manager (RHM) through the National Center for Housing Management.

He has served since 1983 in the roles of a licensed administrator, regional director, and CEO of retirement communities. Jim earned his undergraduate degree from Union University and graduate degrees from both the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Webster University. In addition, he completed five units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) from Geisinger Medical Center, which served as a catalyst to begin his career in healthcare and long-term care administration.

Jim has an adult son, Richard who works at a bank in Sioux Falls as a Commercial Real Estate Valuation Manager, specializing in business development.


1330 India Hook Road
Rock Hill, South Carolina 29732