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Medication Safety Tips for Older Adults

As we age we are more likely to take multiple medications. There can be health risks associated with taking several different medicines. Safety is imperative.

Below are some great tips to keep you safe provided by John Muir Health:

  • Participate – Safe medication use is a shared responsibility between you, your doctor, the pharmacist, and other healthcare providers. Know your medications and ask questions if you are not sure how, when or why to take any drug.
  • Follow directions – Always follow your doctor’s directions when taking medications. There are reasons why we take a specific dose and at a certain time.
  • Keep a list – Keep a current list of all medicines. This includes over the counter, vitamins and herbal supplements. This will help your providers identify potential interactions and problems.
  • Avoid other’s medications – Never take prescription medications not prescribed by your doctor.
  • Store medications properly – Most should be stored in a dry place at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and out of children’s reach. Others may require refrigeration.  Throw away expired medications, which may be ineffective or even toxic.
  • When in doubt ask – Your doctor and pharmacist are valuable resources for drug information.

The staff at Westminster Towers want everyone to stay healthy so be sure to follow these helpful tips. If you would like more information about living at our beautiful community, please contact Allison Matthews at 803-328-5587 and she will be happy to show you the lovely campus.