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The Best Apps and Mobile Games for Seniors

Keeping your brain active and engaged is important for people of all ages. When you reach a certain age, however, this need becomes more urgent. It has been scientifically proven that regularly challenging yourself with puzzles and brain games lowers your chances of developing Alzheimer’s and other cognitive impairments.

These are nine of the most popular entertainment apps that can keep older adults’ minds sharp and provide a fun outlet to stave off boredom or restlessness.

Lumosity (Free)

Lumosity is a brain-training app with over 50 games on it. These games are designed by neuroscientists to increase cognitive skills through repetition, which makes Lumosity ideal for older adults who are trying to keep their mind sharp. When you first download the app, Lumosity has you take a “Fit Test” to set a baseline score and see how you compare to others in your age group. This lets you see how you improve over time, and may help you spot some trouble areas before they get worse.

One Brain (Free)

One Brain is a simple app that makes you spot contradictions fast. The quick decision-making process in this app’s games helps train your brain’s processing speed, which actively keeps your brain healthy. It is based on the idea that most people have an imbalance between the left and right sides of their brains. This app claims to be able to bring your brain into balance. In the three different game modes, you simply decide whether what is being shown is true or false. It can be tricky at first, but after a while you will be a pro!

Elevate – Brain Training (Free)

Elevate is a brain training app intent on improving your focus, speaking ability, processing speed, and more. Designed in collaboration with neuroscientists, this app features over 35 games that are each made to improve part of your cognitive function.

Many seniors experience at least minor memory issues. Elevate focuses on retaining memory, so it’s great for older adults who want to keep their faculties sharp.

CogniFit (Free)

CogniFit is a brain training app that lets you personalize your regimen based on your particular needs. This app has brain games that help stimulate your cognitive function as well as assessments that evaluate 23 different cognitive skills day-by-day. The best feature of this app is that it treats your personalized regimen like a workout, so you may feel a little guilty if you skip. For older adults, keeping an exercise routine is vital, whether it is physical or mental.

2048 (Free)

This app is a very straightforward puzzle game that forces you to think up creative solutions. The goal of the game is to match tiles until they add up to 2048. The difficult part is making sure the 4×4 grid doesn’t get full. This is a fun little puzzle game that will have you hooked (at least until you finally make it to 2048). This puzzle game can be beneficial for seniors because it requires you to think quickly and use good spatial awareness skills.

Prune ($3.99)

Prune provides a unique puzzle that can help older adults relax even when life is stressful. This mobile game has a simple goal: grow and shape your tree towards sunlight. The gameplay is minimal and relaxing, with peaceful music that accompanies your journey. As the title suggests, you have to prune your tree to help it grow, avoiding obstacles between the tree and its destination.

Peak (Free)

Peak is all about reaching “peak performance” with your brain. The 40+ brain games were designed with neuroscientists to challenge your cognitive skills and help you sharpen your mind. If you want a more relaxing but still beneficial experience, they have games for that too. Peak tailors your experience to your needs, which can be perfect for older adults who want to work on specific areas of focus.

Memorado Brain Training (Free)

Getting restful sleep is vitally important to your health, so this app is perfect for older adults. The Memorado app focuses on improving memory, concentration, reaction times, and more. There are 14 different brain games with over 400 levels, so it will keep you busy for a while. Memorado also includes over 100 meditative audio sessions to calm your mind and help you relax. Memorado is focused on memory and helping you sleep.

Clockwork Brain Training (Free)

With a little bit more emphasis on fun than similar apps, Clockwork Brain Training features bite-sized games that are specifically designed to test cognitive skills. The visuals are distinct and bright, with more character than most brain training games. Whether you enjoy puzzles, want to sharpen your mind, or you’re just looking for a fun way to pass the time, this game is great for adults or kids of any age.