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Life Plan Community

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What is a life plan community?

The face of senior Americans has changed and retirement communities have transformed themselves to appeal these new needs. Since they were teens, the boomers have done things differently. Today, life does not stop after retirement. Today’s baby boomers are reinventing themselves and continuing their active, healthy lifestyles.

A Vibrant Community

Many find encore careers as part of this new life. Others look to innovative communities that meet their physical and social needs. It is no surprise they are revolutionizing retirement, and the senior living field. To meet the needs of this generation, senior living communities have transformed into vibrant communities offering:

  • A range of residential options
  • New opportunities for creative experiences
  • Educational and personal exploration.

Senior Living

Originally called a “Continuing Care Retirement Community”, this name no longer describes the vibrant, forward-looking nature of the contemporary senior living community. Research has shown that, for years, the name “Continuing Care Retirement Community” has given people a misleading impression of what communities like Westminster Towers are.

Life Plan Communities

Westminster Towers is proud to be part of a nationwide initiative to rename “Continuing Care Retirement Communities” as “Life Plan Communities”. This initiative is designed to communicate the facts about Senior Living:

  • Communities like Westminster Towers are about so much more than care.
  • We are about living life to its fullest within a supportive community.
  • Westminster Towers offers an active, rewarding lifestyle with the provision for potential, future care need.

Planning and Living

People that move to communities like Westminster Towers tend to be planners, people who like to know they’ve made the decisions they need to ensure they have a solid plan in place for their future. As a Life Plan Community, we:

  • Allow “planning” and “living” to merge.
  • Provide a safety net of healthcare.
  • Have honest and open conversations about what it means to be a member of this community.

The Comforts of Home

We believe communities like Westminster Towers are ideal options for senior adults. We have large apartment homes with full kitchens and all the amenities found in new homes today – all without the additional cost of home maintenance. More importantly, we offer:

  • Fitness and wellness programs
  • Fine dining
  • Creative enrichment programs
  • Socializing opportunities

And of course, we still take care of all the repairs, housekeeping, and yard work! Learn more about our amenities here.